Pediatric Neuropsychology

Why an Assessment?

An assessment identifies specific areas of neurocognitive development that might be impacting a child's learning, self-esteem, and emotional development. 

If left unidentified….

Behaviors and emotional distress impact the family dynamics, the school environment, self-esteem, and other social interactions. 

Interventions by teachers, clinicians, and parents are not as effective because the underlying root of the problem has not been identified. 

The child is often left feeling misunderstood and does not have the tools to reach his or her potential.

"Pediatric neuropsychology is a professional specialty concerned with learning and behavior in relationship to a child's brain. A pediatric neuropsychologist is a licensed psychologist with expertise in how learning and behavior are associated with the development of brain structures and systems." APA, Division 40 (2001) Pediatric Neuropsychology,  A Guide for Parents.

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